Transfer/sale of Working Interest




The investor is entitled to sell his working interests to a third party, subject to the proviso that the investor also assigns and transfers his rights and obligations under this Purchase and Management Agreement to the third party. However, Kris Kon Oil & Gas Inc. or the investor cannot transfer or sell working interest to US citizens as stipulated by SEC (the US Securities and Exchange Commission). Kris Kon Oil & Gas Inc. charges a management fee for any ownership changes.

The fee is per July 1st 2015 DKK 1.500,- + VAT.

Kris Kon Oil & Gas Inc. and Kris Kon  can assist in the sale of the investor's working interests if the investor so desires. In this event, a separate agreement will be made with the investor to this effect. Kris Kon Oil & Gas Inc. and Kris Kon charges a sales fee of 3-5% for this service.