Oil- and gas investments – Risk and Safety

When Kris Kon administrates your investments in oil- and gas wells …

Kris Kon co-operates exclusively with partners with a thorough knowledge of the oil-/gas industry. Our co-operators (operators) have many years of experience with the extraction of oil and gas and have expert and professional staff - such as oil engineers and geologists - with a detailed knowledge of this line of business. We engage in daily dialogues to ensure development, exchange of knowledge and flow of information.

There is always an element of risk when investing. Kris Kon carefully chooses the projects in areas where the underground has already been professionally examined - and we are aware of the potential of the deposits before starting our projects. This means that the risk is more related to the fluctuating rates of exchange or oil- and gas prices than the actual discovery of deposits. There can also be a risk, of course, with the drilling technique used at each site. However, it's always worth bearing in mind that when investing in shares in oil- and gas project, your maximum risk is the amount invested.

To spread the risk we compound our projects from several oil- and/or gas wells. The wells are allocated in the specified area with a planned time frame for start. In the main our projects are situated in Texas, USA.

Kris Kon always recommends that investors spread their investments over more than one project.